“David Tovey is an artist with both a story and skills that inspire people.  David ran an art workshop at our recent conference for WLM’s staff and volunteers. He facilitated it brilliantly, giving them both the challenge and support to create an amazing piece of art in just an hour. What most impressed me is that David gave them the confidence to go for it, offering some guidance but in way where our team felt they achieved it for themselves.  The picture they produced connects with our ethos and history and will last as an embodiment of the engagement and ownership that we want our teams to have.  Added to these facilitation skills, David is an inspiring speaker, who shares the story of how he overcame homelessness and multiple challenges in a way which connects powerfully with a wide range of people. He spoke at a major event to mark the 130 years of WLM and it truly was the highlight of the evening. I would recommend any charity or company to work with David if you are looking for an engaging speaker or facilitator.’

Jon Kuhrt

Chief Executive

West London Mission